Monday, 13 December 2010

Some lesser-known Christmas songs that are actually good

This time of year, Christmas music become pretty much ubiquitous. All the shops seem to be playing Slade, Wham! and whoever else will sell them the most scarves/toys/whatever. But there are actually some genuinely good Christmas songs, and here are some YouTube videos for them.

Big Star's overtly religious pop classic. The only thing that could possibly be holding this back from public affection is the slightly experimental opening. It has everything else needed for wider acceptance as a Christmas song - bells jingling, a catchy chorus and a solo by an instrument I can't for the life of me recognise. OK, maybe that last one isn't completely necessary for mass success.

Galaxie 500's Dean Wareham playing his old band's cover of Yoko Ono's Listen, The Snow Is Falling. Beautiful, and a perfect choice of cover - they have made it their own, in my opinion.

Yo La Tengo go easy on the feedback and heavy on the seasonal goodwill on this 2002 rarity from a Christmas EP.

To finish us off, a ridiculous rendition of The Twelve Days Of Christmas by Stuart Murdoch and friends, recorded for a John Peel Christmas Party session. It descends into Alan-Partridge-esque animal sound effects and laughter. Which is always a good thing.

Merry Christmas (for 2 weeks time)!

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